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The hour long walk

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 I was fourteen and in an unfamiliar locality with strangers and acquaintances less interacted with around me. The place was beautiful yet the fear of having none to confide in or have a hearty chat with disabled me from soaking in all that the place had to offer. And while I ponder upon the have-nots of the moment, walks in the most attractive person I had seen in ages. He comes and sits beside me. With a good physique, wavy and long hair falling all over his forehead, a satchel on his back and a camera around his neck, the stranger comes and sits beside me. I steal glances of him, the fear of being caught staring occupies my mind and then…. it happens: our eyes meet. I observe that he is just a few years older than I am and yet is unusually confident of what he says and does: a character I admire in people.
The bus comes to a halt and the hour long walk to the caves begins. My teammates sense my desire to walk with the stranger by my side and they let me. Overwhelmed, I move out and find the stranger still waiting for me. We had still not shared a word and yet, somehow it clicked both of us that we should spend the next hour in each other’s company. The guide keeps on narrating the rich history of the majestic place we had set foot in but by now the stranger was no longer a stranger to me. He was a person with a name and with eyes that twinkled every time he smiled and talks that could mesmerize even an unromantic person as me.
That hour gave me innumerable memories, memories to be cherished and treasured in the days, months and years to come. Little did I know that even seven years of contact post that one hour was insufficient to make a bond last a lifetime. And then, just like that, without any warning or a goodbye, a phone call took him away. It was the last time I had seen those twinkly eyes.
We were constantly in touch even after I returned home and went to the next town for further education. The distance between us hardly mattered to us until one fateful day when differences started showing up. Each thought the other was wrong, each wanted the other to apologize first and then…just like it had begun - unasked and in an unexpected manner, the love that united us was gone…..taking him away from me.
No amount of pleading could bring him back and therefore I moved on. Then some months later, I received a note from him asking me to revive the bond but by now I was a young woman of twenty one, too strong to be affected by emotions once abandoned. And thus the game of turning each other down continues but in our heart of hearts, we are both aware that we rule each other’s minds ever since the day of the hour long walk.


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